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a Web Designer that actually listens to your needs and makes them a reality at price points suitable for any budget!
As a Trusted Business with the Better Business Bureau and Safe and Trusted Canada, trust me to get the ball rolling for your Business's Online Presence!

01. Website Design

Custom Pricing is suitable for all Needs and Budgets! I even offer an assessment session of your existing website!

Above and Beyond

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02. Logo Design

Custom options suitable for all Needs and Budgets!  I also offer the option to have an old pixelated logo restored into a new High-Quality file for todays merchandise and advertising needs!


Hosting Solutions

My Hosting Services are 100% Canadian and are housed across multiple data centers with world-class physical and cyber security to ensure maximum uptime and data security! Prices customized to your needs!


online forms

This is an excellent option for organizations and businesses to take advantage of!  Don't have a website but need to run online registrations or payment forms and lose the paper copies while maintaining records for things such as email lists, contact me and I will not only create it for you, but I will manage it all for you as well!


listings & SEO

This will make your Business show up at the top of search results in your local area, as well as take your website and social media pages as high up search results as possible around the world on two of the most used search engines, Google and Bing!


domain names

I have access to Domain Names before they even hit the market!  I get to know when a domain is about to expire and may become available for purchase by a new owner.  If that doesn't work, I have access to millions of other options!



I offer E-Commerce solutions tailored to suit any business!  If you sell products or services, digital or physical, 1 to 2500 of them?  I can provide packages to suit any of these needs, build them, and manage the upkeep for you!


remote support sessions

This solution is offered at an hourly rate that can be monitored by you while I do the work.  I utilize a remote access application on Windows PC or Android Devices, I prompt you to allow me to connect, then I can service anything you need me to on your device if you are having problems or need apps configured or emails configured.  I offer this as I realize technology can be frustrating for some and I want to make lives easier!


custom emails

All my email solutions are reliable, secure, and provided through my affiliation with Google and Microsoft meaning I can provide you excellent pricing, custom domain email addresses with support from not only me, but Google and Microsoft as well and some added extras packaged in!


social media

Social Media is a Business's best friend if handled right!  Let me create your online pages and profiles, integrate them all together, and provide you with the best tools to get your business rolling with Social Networking! 


Have a strange issue?

There may be something I can help with that is not listed here and helping others is what got me started and what I love to do!  Reach out and I will gladly see if I can be of assistance!


At 5Design, I have done the homework.  I understand that the world browses from more than a desktop, over the last few years Mobile users have increased, in 2021 - 56% of the world's users browse from various mobile devices, all with different specifications and screen sizes.  That is why I strive to offer my clients website designs that are not only easy to navigate and stand out but also fast and responsive to all devices.   When a person browses your website, the first 5 seconds is key, if the site takes longer than that to load, or does not operate smoothly in that time frame, the majority of users leave the site and move on.  Let me give your business the boost it needs for the changing times!

5Design's Location, Licensing and Accreditations


Located in the City of Martensville, Saskatchewan, Canada.  Mainly serving Canada-wide but can help anyone that the internet reaches!

Fully Licensed with the Government of Saskatchewan and the City of Martensville and accredited as a Trusted Business with the Better Business Bureau and Safe and Trusted Canada and voted as one of the top Businesses in Canada two years straight with the Canadian Business Review Board.

Home Based Business

Devin Hind

Owner / Designer

Information Services Corporation Business Number: 102110188


CIty of Martensville Business Number: 2021-424

Martensville SK CANADA



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