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Connect with Those Closest to You

Join other Moms on maternity leave in Martensville and Warman Area


Connect with Those Closest to You

Join other Moms on maternity leave in Martensville and Warman Area

Meet your Facilitators


Hello, I'm Brooke! I have a passion for good books, all things related to food, dogs, and houseplants. My husband, Tim, and I have been residents of Warman for over 10 years. We recently welcomed our very first child. The journey into parenthood has been incredibly exciting, but it has also brought along feelings of being overwhelmed, exhaustion, and occasional loneliness. As a new mom, I quickly realized there were many aspects of infant development and care I was unfamiliar with.

Navigating breastfeeding challenges and postpartum recovery alongside my newborn daughter has been a careful journey. Thankfully, we have received wonderful support from local para-medical professionals. This experience has led me to wonder if other women face similar struggles, unsure where to seek guidance. When I couldn't find a supportive community of new moms nearby, I took the initiative to create one.

I firmly believe in the importance of supporting local and small businesses. Thus, my goal is to establish a platform for new moms to connect with one another and build a robust community network right here in Warman. This network will provide the essential support needed for new moms to flourish and build a robust community network for moms in the Martensville and Warman area.

Ellen Klassen is a true expert in the field of maternal wellness and empowerment. With an abundance of knowledge and a passionate commitment to supporting new mothers on their transformative journey, Ellen brings a distinct blend of expertise and experience. She boasts over 40 years of experience as a Registered Nurse (RN), including many years stationed in the remote northern regions. Throughout her career, Ellen has wholeheartedly dedicated herself to empowering mothers with the necessary knowledge, skills, and confidence needed to navigate the joys and challenges of motherhood.

Ellen serves as a beacon of support during the psychosocial, psychological, and physical changes that accompany pregnancy and postpartum life. Having recently relocated to Warman, she is enthusiastic about sharing her invaluable insights and expertise. By providing both individualized and group-based assistance, Ellen is dedicated to enabling healthy and smooth transitions into motherhood, ensuring that every mother not only copes but also thrives.

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