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a Design Company that Treats Every Customer Like Family!

The Owners Story

How did the business begin?

When volunteering for the local youth football organization, the Martensville Maddogs, I was asked to start managing their website, at this time doing websites was strictly a relaxing hobby for me so I said "Sure".  When completing the changes to the site and showing it to the organization, I received so many compliments on my work that it got me thinking how great it would be to make a business out of helping get people online doing something I truly love doing, but still, I was reluctant to try.


Then Jason's Auto Glass in Martensville reached out to me and asked me to work with them to create a new website for them as they felt theirs had become outdated and around the same time, my brother asked me to make a website for his business, Waterfront Rentals.  Having them put their faith in me gave me the confidence to open my own business!  After discussing with my wife and kids and getting their full support, there was a short push to create my business ensuring all the proper measures were taken and I was off creating both of their websites.  Upon completion, and getting not only their positive feedback but the feedback of others in the community, I knew I made the right decision to start a business I always wanted but never thought possible.

What's in the name?


When thinking about what I wanted to name my business, I came up with some pretty silly names I am super glad I didn't use.  5Design fits the need perfectly.  I came up with this name because in my family growing up, we were a family of "5" and all our names started with the letter "D".  That combined with my love for web design turned into 5Design.  

What's the logo about?


The logo is something I knew almost immediately I was going to do, based on the Phoenix, I created a logo initially with a phoenix that I later found was not adequate for certain clothing and advertising materials so I had to redesign a new one.  With many hours and lots of drafts shown to my wife, kids and my parents, their input drove me to the final design you see today.  A logo based on the mythic phoenix and its legendary story of renewal and rebirth, but finalized through the thoughts and input of my family and my own design ideas.


OWNER / Designer

I am the husband of an amazing, supportive wife and we have two boys that are my world!  I work a full time job as a Systems Analyst and run this business during my evenings.  When I am not working, I volunteer a large portion of my time to coaching and helping the local youth football organization.  Hobbies are camping, fishing, kayaking and of course anything technology related!

Family is important to me and so are all the relationships I build along the way.  No matter how big of job I do, I do everything in my power to ensure my customer is happy and feels like they have been working with a friend rather then some stingy business that only cares about the bottom line.

Profile image of the owner of 5Design
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